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Fredericton Hyundai

Fredericton Hyundai wanted to promote their new standard heated steering wheel/seats that are now standard  in their new Elantra models. We created a game where the user needed to keep their car from freezing by using these new features! 

City of Fredericton

The City of Fredericton was competing in the Smart Cities Challenge​, they needed data in order to put in order to support their application. We created a game in which residents of the city walked through a virtual world and answered questions on how they thought the city could be improved using technology! 

Chris-Till Clear Detailing

Chris-Till Clean is a home and auto cleaning service. They wanted a game themed around an area of their operations. We created a game in which users need to keep their car clean by not hitting obstacles on the road! 

Regent Mall

During the holidays, the Regent mall was aiming to increase their gift card sales. They commissioned a game in which users had to jump through levels and collect these gift cards.